Behind the Machine


I'm a dorky human just doing their best to not drink too much coffee and create memories with her kids and husband.

Total enneagram 6 who loves coffee and making crafts that cost way more than just buying them at the store

If you clicked on this page I'm guessing you want to know a little more than some goofy facts about me. So I'll try my best to deliver. 

I'm married to a pretty cool cinematographer. We have two of the best little boys. They keep us VERY active and up early in the morning. They are both so sweet and love to cuddle. 

I started sewing when I was little, the first project I remember doing was a four square block that I turned into a pillow for my dolls. From there I made pillowcases and potholders as a kid. I made my first quilt 5 years ago but really fell in love with the craft when our 3 year old son was born and I wanted to make him a baby quilt. We walked in Stichin' Post in Sisters Oregon and discovered the world of modern quilting. 

I'm Shasta

about ME

Traveling and food go hand in hand for us. When we travel we love to eat! Anyone else have to deliberately plan things to do around the places they want to eat? Thats us. 


My first real "craft" was in photography. I got into when I started dating my husband. We did wedding photography for a few years and have shot over 50 weddings together. While it's not something we currently do as a career I still love photography and capturing moments. 



One of my favorite things to do is go to a new or favorite coffeeshop grab an oat milk latte and enjoy the atmosphere.



This guy is my sweet mini Goldendoodle. He loves spending the evening at my feet while I sew. He goes by many names depending on the day and what he's doing (Olifer, Olls, OlliePolly).



My favorite humans, are my husband and two kids they are equal parts supportive and pretty darn cute. We make the best team and would choose them all again everyday.




I mean would this even be a quilting page without mentioning sewing? It's become such a big part of my life from one of my first hobbies as an adult to creating for other people. It's something that lights me up and keeps me going. 



my favorite things:

My clients are seekers of beauty and creators of timeless unique pieces even if they aren't "perfect"

My clients aren't the perfect sewers. They don't always have perfect seams that are lined up. They are creators who have spent time, energy and probably some good money working on creating a tangible craft. They are humans who are looking to finish a project they started. 

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